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Tortilla Factory

Tortilla Factory

Tortilla Factory

First opened at the end of the 90s, it didn’t take long for the Warsaw Tortilla Factory to engrave their name in local lore. WTF are rightfully regarded as pioneers that introduced the exotic to the mainstream. Without fail, part of the credit for this successful Mexican Revolution can be attributed to the homemade salsas and sauces: covering a kaleidoscope of tastes, they range from mild to explosive and all in between. Equally celebrated is our attention to detail, a point underlined by our commitment to quality ingredients, authentic recipes and incredible tortillas – while most restaurants are happy to shortcut, we’re proud to produce ours daily on-site.

On any given night, find local and international bands playing on stage, with our artists playing everything from original material to great party covers. We’ve also earned a reputation as Warsaw’s leading sports bar, a title secured thanks to five HD screens and access to all the major channels. Even so, you don’t have to be a fan of either sport or live music to enjoy Tortilla to the fullest. Rated as one of Warsaw’s liveliest venues, it’s an action-packed spot with global appeal.

Contact details

ul. Wilcza 46,
T: +48 22 621 8622
F: +48 22 621 8622
E: info@warsawtortillafactory.pl
W: visit website