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Basic information

  • Area: 367.94 km² (142.1 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +44114
  • Currency: Pound Sterling - GBP (£)
  • Population (EST): 534,500
  • Official language: English
  • Time Zone: GMT (UTC+0)

Doncaster/Sheffield – Overview

The city of Sheffield is located in the south of Yorkshire and stands on the River Sheaf from which the city gets its name. By the 14th century Sheffield had become known for its production of knives and by the 17th century had become the second largest producer of cutlery in England, after London.

In the mid 1700's new discoveries in the production steel led to Sheffield being one of the Britain's most important industrial locations and as such it's population grew rapidly. With the growth came a reputation as a producer of some of the finest steel in Europe and by 1893 Sheffield officially became a city upon receiving it's municipal charter.

In the 20th century and with the coming of World War II Sheffield's factories were turned over to the production of ammunition and weapons which also made it a major target for enemy bombers. In the years after the war the cities fortunes declined until near to the end of century when renovation and rejuvenation stepped up apace.

Much of the modernisation began in the early 1990's, an example being the Meadowhall shopping centre which paved the way for Sheffield to become a leading centre for retail. Many of the UK's leading retail names and chains have a presence in and around the city as do restaurant and pub chains. Apart from the usual outlets Sheffield has regular farmers market selling local produce and throughout the year, speciality markets including:

  • Italian Markets
  • Tunisian Souks
  • A German Christmas Market
  • Specialist and Craft Markets

Eating out in Sheffield, you are spoilt for choice as the city has an amazing selection of cuisines on offer, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner there's something for all tastes and pockets.
Additionally the city played host to the World Student Games in 1991 which led to the building of new sports venues such as the Don Valley Stadium, the Ponds Forge complex and the Sheffield Arena. One of Sheffield's most famous regular sporting events is the World Snooker Championship which has been held continuously at the Crucible Theatre since 1997, including between 2007 and 2009 when the theatre was closed for refurbishment.

The market town of Doncaster is located in the South of Yorkshire and dates back to Roman times when a fort was built around the first century AD. From around the 18th century coal initiated the start of the towns growth and due to the towns transport links the railways followed.

As an ancient market town, Doncaster has many market including a fish-market, farmers market and a wool market that now deals with mainly clothes and fashion items. For a more modern shopping experience the Frenchgate Centre one of the UK's oldest shopping centres.

One of Doncaster's most famous sporting events is the St. Leger Stakes, a flat horse race dating back to 1776 and is held annually in September.