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NETAX offers a completely new concept of an external accounting firm where clients have the ability to actively connect to their accounting data and can also directly use it. This way they can control the documents and also see the actual results.

The scope of our services is very variable - from complete accounting processing and payroll, tax management and business administration up to consulting on business plan preparation and controlling. We can propose monthly reports on financial data and KPI’s, and in cooperation with client we will evaluate the performance of business plan with actual results and try to explain the differences.

Our advantages:

  • Innovation
  • Experienced team
  • Safety and security
  • Cost effectiveness

Our goal is to provide clients with the same or higher comfort as if they would have their internal accounts and to provide them with up-to-date information. The system is designed so that the client does not need any software, just a regular internet connection through which a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is set up and the connection is made. Of course, NETAX archives the processed data and assumes full responsibility for them with regular back-up.

Contact details

Uruguayska 416/11
120 00 Praha 2
T: +420 724 868 207
W: visit website