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Prague - Medical Services - Medical Assistance

Call Assistance 24

Call Assistance 24

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  • Thousands assistance cases opened annually!

  • Assistance provided since 1992!


Dear WIZZ Air travelers!

Welcome to the Czech Republic!

We believe your journey to our country will accomplish your expectations regarding sightseeing our beautiful capitol or stunning Czech landscape wherever you will go either to spend your leisure time or to achieve a successful business goal!
We are here to protect and help you anytime in any cases of unexpected events which may happen to anybody and anytime! However, we are here to assist you in all cases you should need whatever assistance service!
Should you need a doctor? Our experienced physician will reach you soon anywhere in Prague and will provide you with an excellent medical service! Any follow-up medical care will be arranged with respect to your needs!

Call 24/7 WIZZ Assistance CZ: +420 2424 808 08
Send 24/7 WIZZ Email at: wizz@callassistance.cz
See 24/7 WIZZ Site www.callassistance.cz/wizz and fill the easy form. We will contact you right away and arrange an appropriate assistance service!

Have a nice stay in the Czech Republic!

Contact details

V Jircharich 148/4, 110 00 Prague 1
T: +420 2424 808 08
F: +420 24 24 808 60
E: wizz@callassistance.cz
W: visit website