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Basic information

  • Area: 454.03 km² (175.3 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +47
  • Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Population (EST): 586,860
  • Official language: Norwegian
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Oslo – Getting Around


Oslo has a great bicycle hire system and many dedicated cycle lanes run throughout the city. Hiring a bike is simple and easy: you can either pick one up either from a tourist centre which allows bike hire per day, or buy an annual subscription card for NOK 60, which allows you access the countries bicycle rental system where you can pick up a bike and drop it off in another secure location.


Oslo's location on the waterfront makes it possible to travel to Kiel in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark, via DFDS and Colourline, and some services allow passengers to travel with a car. If you are arriving on a cruise ship your most likely port of call will be near Akershus Festning, which is within walking distance of the city centre. In the summer months there are a number of tourist cruises which last for several hours and allow passengers to get an amazing view of Oslo's coastline.


The roads are extremely well maintained and as easily navigable, although a satellite navigation system may be useful if you are hiring a rental car. There are several ring roads and major highways which allow travel to many parts of the country, and to the neighbouring country of Sweden. Entry into the city centre requires passing through one of the 19 check points, which all have a toll system currently charging 25 NOK (equivalent of £2.75) per entry regardless of the time of day 7 days a week. The money goes back into developing the existing transport network and providing more routes and better services for passengers.


Taxi's are readily available, with several taxi ranks being located throughout the city. There is also a special dedicated taxi line that will let you pre-order a taxi. All taxi's are operated on the meter, so you will know you are getting an honest fare, while drivers are trained and monitored by the city council ensuring you have a safe ride. A typical taxi fare from the airport to the city centre will cost you NOK 610 (daytime hours) which is the equivalent of £67. For a cheaper alternative jump on the frequent train service which runs from the airport to several locations in downtown Oslo.



The trains in Oslo are modern and punctual, ensuring that you have a comfortable and convenient journey. The main railway station is Oslo Central Station in front of the Jernbanetorget square. You can also catch the BM71 train, to get to the Gardermoen International airport. Tickets can be brought online in advance, or from the train station, where customer services will be more than happy to assist you with your travel plans.



Oslo's tram system is a fun and easy way to do some sightseeing around the city centre. There are 72 trams in operation in the city, to catch one simply wait at one of the tram stops located in the city. You can purchase single tickets in advance from any major train stations and some shops, or If you are planning on making regular journeys on the trams over the duration of your trip, you can save yourself some money by purchasing special 1,2 or 3 day passes which allow for unlimited travel on the tram system.