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Basic information

  • Area: 171.01 km² (66 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +380 32
  • Currency: Hryvnia (UAH)
  • Population (EST): 735,000
  • Official language: Ukrainian
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

Lviv – Overview

The historical city of Lviv is located in Western Ukraine, some 70km east of the Polish border. Hailed as the cultural and festival capital of Ukraine, Lviv boasts an exiting programme of events all year round, with special festivals to entertain all ages. Museums and galleries provide an insight into Lviv’s intriguing past, while the beautiful city centre is full of old buildings and monuments that have helped to earn it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Lviv has a number of dining options that cater for all tastes and budgets. Visitors wishing to sample some traditional cuisine should ask for dishes such as Perohy (stuffed dumplings), or Kovbasa (traditional meat sausages), which can be found in most authentic Ukrainian restaurants. The city offers a selection of traditional deserts to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, including jellied fruits, speciality tortes and the popular Pampushky - fresh sweet dough tossed in cinnamon sugar. There are also a number of international restaurants in the city centre, which specialize in French, Italian and even Irish cuisine. Lviv’s cafes serve up fresh, delicious pastries and soups, which are perfect for a light lunch or an inexpensive snack. Several famous fast food chains are located on the high-street and around Liberty Avenue.

Shopaholics will feel at home in Lviv, which is filled with an abundance of retail venues, from high street and branded shops to small and intimate boutiques. The many markets allow visitors to experience some of Lviv’s culture, sample local produce and purchase traditional handicrafts such as hand-painted Pysanky Eggs and pretty embroidered clothing. An art market is located at Lesi Urakyinky, while a book market takes place everyday in the summer months next to the monument of Ivan Fedorov.

Like its shopping and dining options, Lviv also offers a wide variety of accommodation types - from budget hostels and simple yet comfortable guesthouses to swanky 5 star establishments. The summer months are the busiest time of the year, when tourists flock to the city to enjoy all it has to offer. Hotels can get booked up during this time so it is best to book in advance to ensure availability of your chosen hotel and secure the best deal.

Lviv has a humid continental climate; summer lasts from May - August, when Lviv enjoys long hours of sunlight and average temperates of 25°C. Winters are relatively cold, with temperates frequently dropping below 0°. Snow falls frequently, which provides 3-4 months of favourable conditions for alpine skiing in the nearby Carpathian Mountains. Rainfall is at its heaviest during the months of June - August, but it does occur all year round, so pack an umbrella just in case!

There are no currency exchange facilities located inside of Lviv Airport, so it is worth changing some currency before you depart. There are several ATM’s located in the city centre, and one inside of the airport terminal, while some of the larger restaurants and hotel chains accept credit card payments. Lviv has its own Tourist Information Centre, which is open from Monday until Sunday, and located on Brativ Rogatyntsiv Street. The currency used is the Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).