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Basic information

  • Area: 164.67 km² (63.6 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +4832
  • Currency: Złoty (PLN)
  • Population (EST): 308,724
  • Official language: Polish
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Katowice – Places to Visit

St. Michel Archangel Church

The unusual St.Michael Archangel Church was originally constructed in 1510, which makes it one of the oldest buildings in Katowice. The church was built as a defensive structure for the villagers of Syrnia prior to being moved into Kościuszko Park in Katowice. The church features a wooden framework, a free-standing bell tower and a beautifully decorated interior that features traditional Silesian architecture.

BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice

The BWA Art Gallery showcases contemporary works of art from up-and-coming and established artists. Exhibitions change frequently so for more information on what is on during your trip, visit the galleries website. Admission costs 5.50zl for adults and 3zl for children, while admission on a Wednesday is free for all.

Silesian Theatre

The beautiful Silesian Theatre was originally constructed in 1905 and is dedicated to the life of Stanisław Wyspiański. The theatre is located in the heart of Katowice in the Market Square where visitors are able to admire its beautiful facade. To get a real feel for the building visitors should watch a theatrical, operatic or dance performance inside of the theatre. Events are held throughout the year - check the website for what’s on during your visit.

Silesian Museum

Visitors wishing to get an insight into Polish culture should make a trip to the Silesian Museum which showcases important archaeological artifacts relating to history of Silesia. The museum also features over 203 works of art from prestigious Polish artists such as Stanisław Wyspiański and Olga Boznańska. The museum is open between Tuesday and Sunday, while admission ranges from 3zl to 9zl depending on what exhibitions are showing, and what time of day you visit. Family discount tickets are also available.


Since its opening in 1971 the Spodek has become a major modern landmark for the city. The Hall has seen performances from famous international bands and singers such as Robbie Williams, Status Quo, Elton John and Simply Red. Tickets for events can be purchased online in advance, or from the ticket office located inside of the Spodek.

Kościuszko Park

The popular Kościuszko Park is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike, particularly in the summer months when the manicured lawns provide the perfect place for a family picnic. The park covers 72 hectares, and is home to a number of sculptures from famous local artists such as Augustyn Dyrda and Jacek Sarapata. The park was originally influenced by traditional English gardens and features an impressive rose garden and flower beds, along with a wide selection of trees and shrubbery. The park is open all year round, and is illuminated by street lamps at night. Admission is free for all.