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Basic information

  • Area: 88.84 km² (34.3 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +31 40
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 212,141
  • Official language: Dutch
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Eindhoven – Places to Visit

Van Abbemuseum - Bilderdijklaan 10

The Van Abbemuseum is a must see for lovers of modern and contemporary art. With collections that include Appel, Picasso and Mondriaan. The museum was enlarged and extended in 2003 to house its growing collection. The museum is until 5pm except for Monday’s when it is closed for the whole day.

Philips first Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891 - Emmasingel 31

A place where you can see how our world has been lit, for nearly 150 years and how the old light-bulbs that illuminated our ancestors were made. The museum is a reminder of the important role that the Philips company played in Eindhoven’s industrial heritage.

Artificial Light in Art Centre 'Kunstlicht in de kunst' - Emmasingel 31

A unique art collection dedicated to light which is not surprising as the building was first Philips Incandescent Lamp factory. The museum house's sculptures and paintings using artificial light to highlight the exhibits in a unique way. There around 600 items permanently on display as well a regular temporary exhibitions.

Historic Open Air Museum- Boutenslaan 161 B

The museum is an excellent way to teach ancient history, with its reconstructions of medieval and middle ages settings. You have the chance to try you hand at such things as blacksmithing and brewing beer (if you are old enough!) The museum has replicas of Iron Age and medieval dwellings and much of the paraphernalia associated with those who would have lived in them. Throughout the year the museum has demonstrations of the crafts that the occupants needed to know to live and survive.

Ton Smits Huis - Jacob Reviuslaan 25

Once the home of Ton Smits, the world renowned cartoonist, this brightly coloured house has a large collection of his works. The sometimes quirky creations have not only been published in his own country but in America as well.

Genneper Parks

This surprisingly green area is to be found close to the city centre and is said to be unique to the Netherlands. Within the Genneper Parks you will find defined cycling and walking paths allowing you to explore this green haven. Some of Eindhoven's best attractions are located in the Genneper Parks including an Ecological Farm, an Ice Sports Centre and the city's famous Historic Open Air Museum.


Not so much an attraction, Nuenen is village which is intertwined with the history of modern art. At an early stage of his artistic career Vincent van Gogh spent around 3 years in the village and places that he favoured are marked. At just over 10 kilometres to the north-east of Eindhoven it is a place to see some of the places that inspired one of the Netherlands most famous artists.

The Philips Stadion

Home of the football team PSV Eindhoven, the club offers tours of the stadium but they must be booked up to two months in advance to ensure the group will be at least 20 people. Since early 2008 the tour can be combined with a visit to the Bavaria Brewery in Lieshout.

Bavaria Brewery in Lieshout

Maybe not the Netherlands most famous brewery, but definitely the most infamous due to their ambush marketing campaigns at the 2006 and 2010 World Cup tournaments. At around 16 kilometres north-east of Eindhoven the brewery offers tours of their facilities to visitors, during the tour you will see all of the processes that go into making of their alcoholic beverage. The best bit comes at the end of the tour when you finally get to taste the end result.