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Basic information

  • Area: 88.84 km² (34.3 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +31 40
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 212,141
  • Official language: Dutch
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Eindhoven – Getting Around

Airport Transfers

Eindhoven Airport is to be found close to the A2 motorway, less than 8 kilometres from the city. The airport was originally a military airfield and is still used for military aviation as well as passenger flights. In terms of passenger numbers it is one the Netherlands busiest international airports.

By bus
There are two bus routes the 45 and the 401. The 45 runs between the airport and Eindhoven railway station at half hourly intervals during the week and hourly on Sundays. The 401 runs between the airport and Eindhoven main railway station, at peak times there are 6 buses per hour and 2 per hour off peak.

By Taxi
Taxis are located near the terminal. Eindhoven centre is an approximately 15 to 20 minutes journey. Taxis can be pre-booked on the airports website.

By Car
Car Hire is available at the airport from well known companies. There are a number of routes you can take to the city, each with its own merits; as such it may be best to ask the company you hire the car from to advise the best route for you.


Probably the best way to get around Eindhoven as with many cities in the Netherlands is by bicycle. This almost traditional Dutch method of transport allows the greatest degree of freedom. Bicycles can be hired at the main railway station.


The city has a very modern and extensive network bus routes and the city can easily traversed in this way.


Taxis are available from the north and south sides of the main railway station or can be pre-booked by telephone.