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Basic information

  • Area: 217 km² (84 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +49 211
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 584,217
  • Official language: German
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Dusseldorf – Overview

The thriving city of Dusseldorf is one of Western Germany’s main areas for shopping, dining and nightlife. Located on the banks of the beautiful River Rhine, this city is becoming an increasingly popular destination with both international tourists and Germans alike, boasting stunning historical buildings alongside futuristic skyscrapers, giving Dusseldorf a striking, unique skyline.

Visitors will have no trouble getting around and exploring the city. The transportation system is well-developed and easy to use, with travel possible by bus, boat, tram, train and plane. There are modern and convenient facilities in the city, such as numerous ATM machines and Bureau De Change booths, which can change foreign currency into the euro. Many locals can speak English fluently, and they are known for their friendly and hospitable nature.

Dusseldorf is a multi-cultural city, which gives it numerous benefits such as delicious international cuisine. For an authentic German experience, try some hearty home cooked dishes such as ‘Himmel und Äd’, which translates as heaven and earth. This regional dish consists of black pudding, mashed potatoes and stewed apples. For desert take a trip to a local bakery, where cakes such as the popular ‘Rote Grütze’ (a tasty red fruit pudding), are freshly baked on daily basis. No visit to Dusseldorf is complete without sampling the regions special brewed beers in one of the cities four brewpubs, while children can enjoy ‘Apfelschorle’ - apple juice mixed with sparkling water.

For a relaxing day check out one of the cities many art galleries and museums, take a stroll in one of the beautiful botanical parks, and pick up a souvenir or two in the Königsstrass district, where boutiques and traditional shops line the streets. For more adventurous souls there are a number of active options including go-carting, rock climbing and even sky-diving! At night the streets are transformed, and become filled with locals and tourists who are known to party until the small hours of the morning.

When choosing where to stay for the duration of you trip, Dusseldorf offers a whole host of accommodation options. For a romantic weekend away try the Intercontinental in Koenigsallee, this hotel offers everything you would expect and more from a five star establishment, including a luxurious spa offering relaxing treatments, and several high quality restaurants. For those on a budget, the Alt Graz hotel offers great value, comfortable rooms, in a convenient location. If you want to try something different, it is possible to stay in a converted houseboat, and experience what it’s like to live on the River Rhine. Alternatively the outskirts of the city are home to several campsites, which allow visitors to appreciate the beautiful green scenery.

Dusseldorf enjoys a relatively moderate climate all year round, it has warm summers where temperatures can reach 25ºC , with up to 16 hours of sunlight a day. While the winters are mild, with temperatures averaging around 3ºC . The nearest ski resort is located 50km away, in the mountainous region of Wilderweise-Sundern, which has frequent snowfall between the months of October - February.