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Basic information

  • Area: 592.877 km² (229 sq.mi.)
  • Calling Code: +30
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 107,879
  • Official language: Greek
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

Corfu – Getting Around

Airport Transfers

As Corfu is a haven for package holiday makers many visitors make their way from the airport, located on the islands east coast, in buses provided by the tour company. All well and good if you’re holidaying this way but for the independent traveller there are other transport options. The cheapest way to travel to and from the airport is by local bus. Corfu Town is only a ten minute journey away, from where there are several buses available to take you on to your destination. Unlike most of Greece there is no train service on Corfu Island so the bus is the only method of public transport. Taxis are available for hire from the airport but can be expensive if travelling long distances, for instance down to the southern tip of the island. If planning on exploring Corfu extensively, consider hiring a car or moped (see below for advice).


Corfu public buses run a fairly comprehensive service on the island with the majority of routes concentrated in and around Corfu Town. For local access take a blue bus from San Rocco Square in the heart of Corfu Town or if travelling further afield the green buses depart from the bus station near New Port. Tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus either from the bus company kiosk in San Rocco Square or from recognised shops and vendors.


Although the bus service on the island is very good, having a car gives you the flexibility of going where you want when you want. If you book ahead rental costs are often cheaper than if hiring at the airport or in a town. There are a number of companies in Corfu offering car hire to visitors which generally keeps the prices down but do shop around for the best deal. Regulations state that you must have your licence on you when driving and there are strict penalties for drink driving. Watch out for slippery roads when the olives are ripe as they fall on the road and can be worse than black ice!


A favourite mode of transport for holiday makers, though not a recommended way of getting around for first time riders as the roads can be very narrow and windy with extremely steep cliff-side drops. Having said that; it is easy to hire mopeds in Corfu, however do take extra care on the roads and insist on being provided with (and wearing!) a helmet.

On Foot

Some form of motorised transport is almost always necessary for travelling from one place to another on the island but once you have reached your destination there is nowhere too big that cannot be explored on foot. Some of the resort towns along the coast are close enough to walk between but there are not always footpaths so be careful as the roads can be dangerous.