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Art 4 Hair

Art 4 Hair

Art 4 Hair is an exclusive high quality Hair Transplantation Clinic in Budapest.
Highest Quality! Friendly Atmosphere! Reasonalble Prices!

We use exclusively the least invasive technologies in our profession, including the classic and the most advanced FUE methods. We harvest and transplant the original groups of human hair (so called Follicular Units) one by one. This detailed procedure guarantees a spectacular but completly natural result without any conspicuous scars. The whole procedure is painless by using gentle local anesthesia.

Our mission is perfection. Therefore, we provide the highest quality. We recognise the difference between qualitative and quantitative FUE, and we prefer quality.

To satisfy our patients to the highest degree, we count every single hair bulb, every transplanted graft, and we monitor the integrity of every FU under microscopic magnification and photograph the complete procedure. We provide photographic documentation of the complete procedure.

The Clinic is located in one of the most elegant districts of Budapest and has a discrete and friendly atmosphere.

A regular standard hair transplantation session needs 1-3 ambulant surgery days.

Our medical team is highly qualified. We work together with the most experienced hair restoration surgeons whose professional expertise is demonstrarted and established with superb references.

Contact details

Szépvölgyi út 100/b
T: +361 336 0944
F: +361 336 0945
M: +36 705 888 666
E: info@art4hair.eu
W: visit website