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Basic information

  • Area: 285 km² (110 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +4021
  • Currency: Leu (L) (RON)
  • Population (EST): 1,944,367
  • Official language: Romanian
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

Bucharest – Getting Around


There are hundreds of bus routes in and around Bucharest and the system can be very confusing to those unfamiliar with it. The buses are modern and comfortable however are prone to overcrowding and the heavy traffic on the road often means that travel is quite slow. Using ID pick up a contactless smart card, load it up with credit and swipe it in front of a small orange box near the driver to ride.


By far the best way to travel around the city, the four metro lines cover practically the entire city and are much more reliable than surface forms of transport. The trains run frequently and the metro is the safest way to travel around Bucharest thanks to heavy investment in new tracks and trains. Tickets are bought from metro stations in 2 or 10 ride strips for 2 and 7 lei respectively.

Tram and Trolleybus

Any surface method of transport in Bucharest is slow and trams and trolleybuses are no exception, although between them and the buses most of the city is covered by one route or another. Purchasing a ticket is straightforward with most machines and kiosks located near the stops. Once on board the passengers must validate their tickets on the on board punching machine. Inspectors regularly check tickets and a fine of 50 lei can be imposed if travelling without, or without a validated ticket.

Transport Times

All public transport stops running at 11pm in Bucharest, every day of the week, so if planning to stay out after this time then an alternative mode of transport is a must.