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Basic information

  • Area: 116.20 km² (44.9 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +3980
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 320,160
  • Official language: Italian
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

Bari – Overview

Located on Italy’s south-west coast on the Adriatic Sea, Bari is Southern Italy’s second city (after Naples). The capital of both the province of Bari and the Puglia region, the city is an important economic and cultural centre. Once a thriving port town, the population of Bari has decreased in recent years to 320,000 although the urban area is increasing in size at an incredible rate. Not well known on the tourist trail (yet) Bari has a unique history and many wonderful and ancient attractions to visit that will surely see travellers come in their numbers. Make the most of the authentic feel while it still exists.

Founded before the birth of Christ, Bari houses a wealth of ancient and medieval history in its old town quarter of Barivecchia. The maze of narrow and winding streets and alleyways provide a glimpse back into what life in Bari might have been like and with 40 churches and over 120 shrines there is a lot to see. Once you’re done with those why not wander around the Pinacoteca Provinciale (Provincial Art Gallery)? The gallery display’s many fine examples of art from, and relating to the Puglia region, some dating back as far as the 11th century.

Get outdoors during your visit to Bari and take in some of the most beautiful coastline in Italy. There are plenty of white sandy (and rocky!) beaches in the Puglia region all safe for swimming and you will find a variety of water sports on offer at many of them if you’re feeling active. During the winter months when the temperature is still fairly mild a walk along the beach can be a refreshingly invigorating experience!

Food lovers will be delighted with the culinary delights on offer in the city. Traditional Bari dishes can be found on most menus, and the combination of fresh local ingredients and simple cooking techniques has made them a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. With fishing being one of the main industries in Bari it would almost be rude not to sample some of the fresh seafood available, which also features heavily in traditional cooking. Find a small family run restaurant for hearty, flavoursome grub at a reasonable price or head down to the old town where trendy restaurants serving international cuisine can be found.

Bari has much to offer in the form of after dinner entertainment. For a cultural hit check out one of the theatres for a mix of classical and contemporary performances. For a more relaxing evening sit outside one of the bars down at the old port and watch the world go by over a glass of chilled local wine. Anyone that wants to party need look no further than the Barivecchia, the old town where new pubs and clubs spring up on a regular basis. From live music to hardcore club beats there is a place to suit everybody’s taste with prices to match!